WordPress Review (Pros and Cons)

WordPress Review (Pros and Cons)

WordPress Pros

The benefits of using WordPress to develop your site merit a totally new article. Here is an summary of advantages of utilizing WordPress for your site.

WordPress is free and gives you total control of your site. You own and control all your site files, folder and information. You are not attached to a web hosting agency and can move your site any hosting you want.

It gives you access to a huge collections of plugins to improve your site. This huge database of plugins enable you to develop anything you need.

You are in charge of your site, so you can keep it simple and manageable and just add features as your site grows. You can also use SEO plugins to improve visibility and bring new clients.

Easy to customize the design with thousands of themes available for free. Every one of them accompanies diverse customization choices, enabling you to make really special sites. Basically, it makes site constructing simple.

Because of its popularity and demand, almost all popular third-party tools already have plugins for WordPress. practically all famous outsider So your email marketing software, lead generation tool, SEO tools, CRM software, and payment gateways will all work with WordPress.

WordPress Cons

WordPress is not perfect. It has some disadvantages that you might need to remember when picking your stage.

You are accountable for your site. This implies you are additionally in charge of security, making backups, and installing updates. You can automate every one of these task, yet they would still require your time and attention unless you are hosted in a WordPress Hosting Company that provides management.

WordPress does not come with a built-in drag and drop website builder. It requires some time for most beginners to get familiar and learn the fundamentals. However you can use one of the popular drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress like Divi and Elementor.

You don’t have to master coding to use WordPress. However, some fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS will make things much simpler. Most beginners acquire these fundamental skills as they use WordPress.

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